I Dont Want to Look After a Spoiled Child (1)

The painstainkenly obtained decoction was fed to the soil and splashed on her face just like that. It made the diligent and frugal Ding Yi, who never wasted even the trivialist things for the past twenty years of her life, experience heartache and make a distorted expression.  

Prodigal! Son! Of! The! Family!  

He was so stubborn at such a young age. Thats how the willful and violent temperament of villains emerged!  

Ding Yi felt that it was necessary to teach the immature, spoiled child a lesson; she had to let him know how awful it was to waste things in the difficult era of revolution!  

Ding Yi involuntarily had the sense of responsibility of a single mother settling scores with her son in her heart. She calmly wiped her face, rolled up her sleeves, allowing no explanation, and pushed over the future brother, whose eyes were completely filled with darkness.  

‘Pa!—A slap landed on the tender buttocks.  

Little Mu Yueshi probably did not expect it. That small face, as aloof as that of the ice-carved jade, turned from white to red and red to green with a look of horror: “You… How dare you hit me?” 

How dare you spank me?! This complete sentence couldnt even come out in his shock and anger.  

Ding Yis cruel and ruthless slap struck again. She pointed to the fragments all over the floor and said, grieving: “Should I not beat you? Stinky boy, you spilled the medicine that had been boiled all night. Where can I get more of it? Are you looking for anti-fever medicine? We dont have a dime on us. You dare to throw the bowl once, and you dare to throw the bowl again!”  

Xiao Mu Yueshis face was as pale as paper, and his eyes were bloodshot.  

The little devils red bottom burned with a fiery pain, and the anger overwhelmed his dark and violent heart for a while. The unspeakable shame instantly turned into an evil fire, and a lungful of bad breath gathered in his chest, actually choking him. The blood clogged in his throat was spat out!  

Mu Yueshi suddenly coughed up black blood.

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