7 – The Unemployed Becomes the Demon Kings Apprentice

Which Demon King? 

What is she saying? That doesnt even make any sense… at least, thats what I wanted to think. 

「It would be impossible to amass that on your own. That level of ability could only be attained under the training a Demon King would grant to their own child. It is a very outdated custom, however, considering that those children often died in the process.」 

A sense of understanding spread through my chest. 

So Master really was a Demon King, that makes sense. 

Fenix and I had grown up in a town far out in the country. There was only one television, and it was in the assembly hall, with people of all ages gathering around it whenever dungeon clearing was being aired. 

Further beyond that town in an even more secluded area was my masters house. 

He was an old man that avoided contact with others and had thick crimson hair and eyes much like Her Majestys. 

I happened to encounter him while playing in the forest, and considering that my town didnt have any Demi-Humans, I got really excited seeing someone with horns on their head. 

Id bug him and follow him around, which resulted in a bond forming between us involving him shooing me away, kicking my butt, knocking me onto the floor with his fists, and being told not to ever come back again in a threatening voice. 

My relationship with the old man changed when my Job was revealed to be Black Sorcerer at the temple. 

After recovering from my depression over that, I remembered that my body would sometimes get heavier when the old man chased me away, or my vision getting dark when trying to chase after him. 

I was almost convinced that hed turn me down, but when the old man saw that I wanted to become a Hero despite being a Black Sorcerer, he decided to take me in as his disciple. 

However, his condition was that if I ever complained that I couldnt do something or if something was too hard, then hed never teach me anything again. 

Also, I had to keep it an absolute secret from anyone. 

After agreeing to that, I was subjected to what truly could be considered a training regime of hell, and I finally somehow learned the basics. 

After that, all that was left was a warm farewell of 「Dont forget your daily training. And once you become an adventurer, dont ever come here again.」 

After I told my kind friend Fenix about that, he said 「…He must have wanted you gone for being so whiny- I mean, you did great, Lem.」 

By the way, Fenix often hung out with me so he knew Master, and Master recognized him as a sole exception to our secret. I swear it wasnt anything like 「Oh, theyre both leaving the village since theyre both adventurers, so its not like it matters.」 

But it makes sense now. 

He used old spells I had never heard of before, and I always thought he was an amazing Majin. 

So Master was a Demon King, huh? 

By the way, Demon King is also a Job. Apparently only Majins with talent as both a Warrior and a Sorcerer as well as charisma can receive that Job. 

Jobs like that have the aptitude of mastering abilities from multiple different Jobs. 

Black Sorcerers can only use Black Magic, though. 

「Lem, do you have any clue on who they might have been?」 

Milla looked up at me in hopes that I answered. 

I felt like Id be able to supply her with whatever information she wanted if she looked at me like that, but it was no good. 

Master hated having other people learn about him. 

「Um, well…」 

I tried to think of a way to avoid the question. 

Wait a second… 

Didnt Her Majesty say something weird just now? 

Those children often died in the process…? 

…It makes sense. 

Ive even almost died in the process as well numerous times, but I never actually had to worry about that.  

Every day, Master would train me to the limit before going 「Tch… Any further and youll die. Hey, Lem, a weakling like you wont be able to withstand this any longer, so were calling it here. You dont need to come back ever again.」 

I definitely would have been dead already if he didnt bother doing that, but it could be that the past Demon Kings would actually force their children to train until they legitimately died. Thats even more hardcore than the Spartans. 

「Answer my question, Lem.」 

Her Majestys voice had an oppressive tone to it, but it was likely just for show. 

Im already a fairly well-known person, and anyone could easily find information on me if they looked me up. Although, the fan sites that collect information on adventurers usually dont bother detailing much about me compared to the others that were in my party. 

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