47 – The Demon Kings Pupil

I received direct lessons from my master for three years. It was intense, but some people might think three years is pretty short.

However, even after I left the village, I continued to train myself.

As long as I preserve my masters teachings, I am his disciple.

I was told that this power that I have must never be used in times of peace.

That happened one day after I had been training under him for about a year.

I was exhausted from that days training and my master summoned me into his room.

I thought he was going to criticize me or give me a lecture, but instead what I saw was a look on my masters face that I had never seen before.

It wasnt the usual annoyed, bored, cold, and cruel face.

He had a kinda…warm look.

「Lem, youve been doing well.」

I thought I was hearing things. He praised me? That never happens.


Ignoring my bewilderment, master continued.

「Honestly, I thought you would only last a few days, but youve managed to endure a year of training splendidly.」


「I ask you once again. Why do you want to become a hero?」

I mustnt talk back to my master. Even if I didnt, its not like I hid it.

There were times where I just talked about my dream, but today is the first time that my master has ever shown an interest in me. I was honestly both shocked and happy.

「Because…Heroes are cool.」

「Wrong. Who would suffer through my training for a reason as simple as admiration?」

True, if someone were to ask me which was worse, my masters training or going through Hell, Id be hard-pressed to give an answer.

It took me some time to answer him. I was eleven years old at the time, so it was difficult for me to put my emotions into words.

「Its true. I wanna become a Hero because theyre cool.」




「…uhm, when I was six years old, I asked my dad to buy me a sword.」

My master listened silently.

「But he said things like「Its dangerous」or「Youre too young」and wouldnt buy it for me. I understand why now, but at the time, I couldnt. I wondered why even though I wanted it, he kept giving me reasons why he wouldnt. I would have given up if he had just said we had no money.」

Instead of saying hed buy it or not, he told me the risks of buying a weapon to urge me to give up.

I can understand the reasoning, but the way he said it never sat right with me.

Its good that my dad was worried about me. It was the right decision because I would be afraid of the parent who would give their kid a dangerous weapon simply because they wanted it.

「And then?」

「On the day that I learned what my Job is, I remembered that moment. The people around me kept giving me reasons why I cant become a Hero.「It was over when you became a Black Sorcerer」,「Black Magic is useless.」or「Its just a shitty job that doesnt raise your strength or speed」. They stepped on and laughed at my dream with that.」


Maybe I imagined it, but my master quietly nodded.

「Even I thought that they were right. But then, I remembered that time with the sword. I want to become a Hero but the reasons why I cant keep piling up. In the end, people happily talked about how the Job sucks or how far away it is from a hero.」

「Why did you not give up at that point?」

「Because that isnt cool.」

I reflexively said that and surprised myself.

At the same time, I suddenly understood it.

Ah, right. Thats it!

Even though I gave up on buying the sword, I couldnt give up on becoming a hero.

If I became my masters pupil and undertake his eccentric lessons, I could continue towards my goal.

The difference was obvious.

The difference between a childish desire and a dream that I decided on.

「Ever since I was little, I decided to become a Hero. So I should give that up just because my Job is wrong? That is so not cool. Its not the Job that I admired. I admired the occupation that can defeat enemies, push my allies to victory, and excite the viewers」

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「Even if you studied Black Sorcery, you need to cast it in such a way as to not get discovered, so you will not be able to de

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