43 – The Work of a Chief of Staff

「…! Oh no! He plans to utilize Albas Magic Sword!」

Bella noticed as I was activating the Magic Sword.

To make them think that I merely learned how to use it through imitation, I use it just like Alba did.

Except, Im only using one hand because my strength hasnt been decreased like Albas was.

Now then, who shall I aim for?

「Dammit! Hes mocking me!」

Shouted an enraged Alba as he glared at me.

Millas swords grazed his sides while bats chomped on his thighs.

「Yes, burn his visage into your eyes to your hearts desire. For you shall suffer a crushing defeat from the magic of he, who is the Dark Sorcerer.」

「Youre really pissing me off…!」

As expected, Alba, unarmed and lacking arms, cannot compete with one of the Big Four.

「Bella! Create a wall!」

Bella shook her head at Lilys cries.

「That Majin saw through Albas movements. He knows this party well! He might change the Magic Swords trajectory!」

「Then if you deploy a larger wall-」

「If I do that, then I would need to regenerate my Magical Energy! During that period, I wont be able to use my freezing magic!」


If my attack was a straight line, She could create an ice wall in anticipation of my trajectory. Its possible for me to avoid that wall.

Anticipating that and creating a larger ice wall so that I cannot dodge left, right, or up will cause her to be temporarily cut off from using her Magical Energy and must regenerate.

How long it takes to produce Magical Energy and how long it takes for said Magical Energy to be stored in the body varies depending on the individual.

While Bella may have a lot of promise, it has only been three years since her Job was confirmed. A Hero possesses a growth speed that far surpasses that of the ordinary man, but it is difficult to develop Magical Energy-related abilities in the first place.

For her, she cannot recklessly use large-scale magic spells.

「If thats the case, then the other enemies…!」

Even Lily seemed to realize.

If an ice wall is created in the space between them and all the enemies, that should work out.

Fenix should be able to force Furcus to retreat, and Lily should be able to hold the dragonkin at bay.

Lark, too, can repel them with his shield.

However, Alba will be left behind.

Regardless of the method, the outcome still results in one of the party members being separated. Even now, Alba is being toyed with by the Vampire Queen.

If they abandon him, the four of them will be guarded against the Magic Sword, but if they choose to defend him, there are still other threats besides the Magic Sword that remains.

Bella will be placed in a vulnerable position to be attacked because her freezing magic will be temporarily unusable.

「Help Alba. Hurry!」

Commanded Fenix, Bella immediately obeyed.

The ice wall that appeared separated me and the Magic Sword from the rest of the world.

My Magic Sword stopped just before the ice wall that was created to thwart me. Soon after, the extended blade returns.

Just as planned.

The goal was to force Bella to use her Magical Energy.

No, there was another.

「To me, Marchosias, Naberius.」

The wolf shaped Chief of the Werewolves Marchosias and the Cerberus-like Watchdog of Hell Naberius appeared by my side.

「Splendid of you to summon me, Chief of Staff, sir!」

「I am at your service.」

I only had one order.


「I couldnt agree more!」

「As you wish.」

Marchosias starts beating on the ice wall and Naberius, in a position a little further down, breathed fire from his three heads.

I continued to summon more Contracts.

「Glasya-Labolas, Kimaris, Leraje.」

The Invisible Slaughter, Spirit Commanding General, and Black Wound Hunter appeared in succession.

Gla-la was wagging his tail as he sat down.

「…To summon five of us in succession…your Magical Energy is to be admired.」

「Its for that very reason that he is fittingly our Chief of Staff. Your orders, Lord Lemegeton.」

「It is as I told you beforehand. Glasya-Labolas.」

On my command, Gla-la makes all three of them invisible.

I have also decided the right time for them to move.

「UoooooOOOOOOOH! The way will be open soon, Chief of staff, sir!」

Marchosias was punching the wall at a speed that could not be seen by the naked eye.

「This side, too, will soon melt.」

The ice was melting with such force that it was evaporating.

「Match your timing, you two.」

「Aye, aye, sir!」

「As you command, Lord Lemegeton.」

I once again ready the Magic Sword.

Next, I plan to take one of them out with this sword.

The enemy was fighting skillfully.

The Black Knight Furcus movements were aiming to keep me at bay rather than pushing me back, he wards off my attacks with unimaginably faster movements than his armor would imply.

「I thought you desired a rematch with me, but it feels like you are simply stalling.」

「I am merely acting on the promise of one meal per battle.」

His voice sounds like its going through a poor-quality voice changing device.

His choice of words was a little strange but…I think he means that he is obeying the Chief of Staffs orders.

「You believe him to be a trustworthy man, huh?」

If Im right, and theres no way I would mistake him for anyone else, they barely know each other.

However, his answer cleared everything up.

「The Chief of Staff will lead his allies to victory.」

As if that were sufficient enough an answer, Furcus brandishes his spear.

No matter where he goes, he never changes.

Just that the Monsters seem to understand his contributions.

That is slightly mortifying. Because I couldnt do the same.

「How splendid. However, it is we who will triumph.」

「Is there a point to your words?」

「For me, I believe there is.」

By saying that, I encouraged myself.

Soon after the ice wall was created, I was astonished…

…at the increased Magical Energy response I felt beyond the wall.

Moreover, judging from their Magical Energy signatures, they were Floor Boss class Monsters.

Five of them.

「Lark, to Bella.」

「You got it…ngh!」

Repelling a dragonkins fist with his shield, Lark goes towards Bellas side.

「On your guard, everyone. There are five Monsters beyond the wall. All Floor Bosses.」

「Wha-? But there are already two of the Big Four here!」

Lily fired an arrow that hits a dragonkin in the arm. Pier

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