48 – The Horn of the Demon King and the Flames of the Gods

「…This is the first time youve actually shown this to anyone, right?」

With the exception of Fenix, only my master and I know about this power.

「Yep, its a trump card, yknow?」

I unleash…the horn.

My right arm changed.

A black, hard, and lustrous-like substance covered the skin.

A horn protruded out of the elbow. This, too, was jet black. The strange phenomenon spread to my right shoulder and something like the bones of a wing spread forth from the shoulder-blade.

Then, on the opposite side of the fake horn affixed to my Avatar.

A horn, identical to that of the Demon Kings and my masters, grew from the right side of my head.

Fenix took a step back.

Not because it was unsightly.

But out of instinct.

To be hit by such an enormous wave of Magical Energy, it was a fight or flight response.

The aftermath of the Magical Energy shakes the seventh stratum.

「This…is what you were hiding…?」

The Storm Hero Aerial did say that he remembered his encounter with my master when he first met me.

Perhaps, he was able to sense it.

My masters horn that resides within me.

The horns of Majins store and refine Magical Energy. With Magical Energy that is even denser and purer, the same magic can exhibit an unimaginable potency.

The Magical Energy produced by a Majins superior Magical Energy Organ is stored in their two horns.

In ages past, Heroes used the Spirits while the Demon King used their horns to use magic that surpasses that of the ordinary man.

The amount that can be stored depends on the Majin, but if a Majin becomes the Demon King, they are able to store an unbelievable amount.

When my Avatar was unveiled, her Highness told me something.

Originally, a Majin with one horn signifies that they had given one horn to a successor.

Ones own strength becomes the supporting horn to those who were made to inherit it.

My case was different. I started with zero horns and then I got one horn.

I didnt know at the time that my master was the Demon King.

And he gave his horn to some brat in the sticks…

Truthfully, I don know why he gave it to me.

Not to his own child or grandchild, but to me.

The horn was naturally not compatible with Humans, but with the use of ancient secret arts, my master made it compatible.

However, the horn, which was grounded up into a fine powder, had to be taken one pinch at a time.

With just that little, my extremely unremarkable body would scream.

Its only natural. Im a Human trying to get closer to that of a Majin. Its like becoming an entirely different species. It wasnt going to be easy.

Even though it was just one horn being mixed in the body, the process took an entire year.

Somehow, the horn manifests itself like this.

Its mass has definitely grown compared to the first time I took it in. It has deviated from that of a horn.

When a horn is transplanted onto a Majin, its usually attached to their elbow or forehead but my procedure was the exception among exceptions. Thanks to the hard work of my master. Perhaps because of that, an irregularity has occurred.

「For how many years?」

Fenix was smiling. It was a little stiff, but he truly looked happy.

「Since the time I took in the horn to this very day. This

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