68 – The Silver Princes Aspirations and Troubles


Cashew sat in the chair and swung her legs. Her cheeks looked so happy and her ears cheerfully swayed.

Cashew, Nicola, and I are now in a restaurant that has a calm atmosphere.

It seemed to be a restaurant that Nicola found after she came to this town.

Usually, Adventurers eat in a noisy tavern or the inns dining room. This kind of restaurant has the image of where we go to when we have a job with the TV or when we meet with the higher-ups of the Guild and want to treat them to a feast.

If theyre a woman, theyll know a fashionable cafe, and if theyre a man, theyll be familiar with the best food stalls. A place with a good atmosphere and food that suit their tastes is important to Adventurers.

Its not like Im indifferent to food, but Im not used to these types of restaurants.

Its like the calm atmosphere is making me unable to calm down. I wonder if its just a matter of getting used to it.

「Im glad to see that the food is to your liking.」

Nicola smiled tenderly as she watched Cashew eating her meal with relish.

Then, she looked at me.

Now, to explain how this happened-.

Someone called out to us as we were on our way back home from work.

The one who suddenly said that she was my fan, the one who figured out Lemegetons identity, the one who asked me the reason as to why I changed my job from an Adventurer to a Monster – the Silver Hero Nicola.

Of course, I couldve deceived her by asking her「What are you talking about?」.

The reason I didnt do that was that her eyes were earnest.

And because the expression on her face showed that she was concerned.

As long as its not unavoidable, I dont want to ignore these kinds of people.

I dont want to say something random and drive her away.

Its hard to believe that she figured out my identity just by seeing my eyes, but because it seemed like a lie, thats why I think that its true when I combined it with her seriousness.

Seriousness should be responded with seriousness.

「…Someone told me that theres more than one type of Hero. 」

「Theres more…than one type…」

「Besides, even Monsters can win. 」

When I laughed, Nicola stared in wonder.

I think that its also true that shes my fan.

I used to talk a lot about my aspirations to be a Hero when the party was first created, but gradually, there were fewer and fewer people trying to talk to me, so not a lot of people knew about it.

Some Adventurer or Fenix-lovers know about it, but its just a laughingstock for them.

Its been a long time since the last time I was able to mention my dream with a serious tone.

Well, Ill just leave Fenix out since hes an exception.

I yearned to become a Hero that can win ever since I was a child.

That dream came true for a moment through the one-on-one battle with Fenix.

「…I see. Lem is still Lem, after all. Im glad I wasnt mistaken.」

Nicola looked relieved.

「Uhm, Nicola?」

「Ah, Im sorry. Eh, ah, right! C-can you…sign…this…?.」

She took out a handkerchief. It probably belongs to her. And a pen. Popular people sometimes have it for when their fans ask for their signature. Its the same with the Storm Hero Aerial and the others.

「Eh, you want my signature…?」

Nicola nodded with a red face.

「This handkerchief…looks expensive though.」

「Not at all, its okay, really…」

Her voice was so small that it sounded as if it was about to disappear.

This usually happens to the female fans when they stand in front of Fenix.

…Shes really rooting for me.

Thats unexpected.

To think that a Hero is a fan of a Black Sorcerer.

I was a little surprised, but Im very happy that someone is rooting for me.

「Well then, okay.」

When I handed her the handkerchief I had signed, she took it with both hands.

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「Thank you. Ill take very good care of it…」

She held the handkerchief in front of her chest as if she were hugging it. Her arms contorted

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