137 – Hero Group, Incoming

Standing in the video room, which also functions as a control room but hasnt been used that way much so far, I look at the split video projections on a large screen and think.


The Hero parties have just now transferred into the first stratum, the Watchdogs Domain.

A vast wasteland with a fake sky and sun above. The only thing interrupting the view is a huge rock. 

From their point of view, waiting for them deep in front of them is the entrance to the Demon King Castle built for the audience.

The first stratum is set up to look like a stratum where we are trying to prevent intruders from entering the premises.

There are countless Hellhounds and the Invisible Slaughterer Glasya-Labolas toys with the intruders with his invisibility, eliminating the rabble with tooth and claw.

If they get past them, standing in their way is the Watchdog of Hell Naberius.

Standing beside me today are Carmilla and Cashew.

Cashew anxiously watched the screen. Her little hands clutched tightly in front of her chest, hoping for the victory of everyone on the first stratum.

「I wonder how theyll handle this?」

Asks Carmilla, almost in confirmation.

There were other Monsters in the video room. Staff who move the cameras individually and respond to any malfunctions that may occur. Besides them, there were more than a few allies who have come to watch over their allies defense.

「…They are seventeen in total. A hard number to coordinate.」

「Yes. They are not a force similar to soldiers, who were all similarly trained, similarly equipped, and operating under orders from superiors. Rather than function as a group, they will place importance on functioning as an individual due to being Adventurers.」

Nothing to do with superiority or inferiority, its just a difference in their nature.

「Yeah, I suppose five is the number of people that can form a party without their prominent individuality causing it to fall apart.」

Of course, that isnt the maximum. Some people might be able to lead dozens of Adventurers, and some might not even be able to do well on their own.

But when Dungeon Clears were made into entertainment, rules had to be put in place.

At that time, the number that they decided upon was five. All parties must consist of five people.

Also, the number of people that the audience can recognize at once in a rapidly changing situation may have been taken into consideration.

But well, this time is a Raid Battle and Wraith is participating with a two-man party.

Its even difficult for me to be aware of the seventeen people on top of countless Monsters and the entire Dungeon which has environments that change with each stratum.

「By nature, they are a group of self-willed Adventurers. Each party has a leader, but I believe their influence does not extend much beyond their own parties. The sole exception might be Aerials influential voice.」

I nod slightly at Carmillas words.

A leader is acknowledged by their own, but there isnt a single Adventurer who would gladly follow the orders of another partys leader. This is a separate matter of whether they acknowledge their abilities or not.

Of course, they are the top parties in the industry. It is possible to suppress such feelings and fight.

However, they probably didnt choose that method.

They know themselves better than anyone else.

They didnt get to the top by suppressing themselves. They are parties who controlled their position in the top ranks by doing as they please.

If thats the case…

「Rather than trying to perform in perfect unison, theyre going to Clear in a way that maximizes their individual strengths.」

As I said that, they began their fight.

Besides Fran and I, these guys are the best of the best. I mean Fran and I dont even have a rank becau

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