143 – The Hero of TV and the Vampire in Front of Me

The Raid Battle is broadcast on TV.

Obviously, they cant use all the footage that was captured nor all the audio that was recorded.

Footage has to go through a lot of toils before it becomes the product we all consume as Clear videos. It takes a reasonable amount of time.

By the time the audience gets to watch the first stratum Clear, the second stratum Clear is already over.

In that regard, it may be similar to the actors who appear on TV.

Like how theres a big gap in time between the filming of a drama and when it actually airs.

『Man, that was quite the spectacle!』

On the living room TV was Wraith.

The morning news was having a feature on the first stratum Clear with an appearance of members who actually took part in it, Scathach and Wraith.

Kinda like a talk show.

They each sat in their own studio-prepared chairs.


Wraith smiled widely.

『The audience was concerned in the beginning but then you blew away all of their worries. Truly, amazing job! What calm and quick decision-making! Acting as the support for the central party! Using a diverse array of magic! Your actions are like that of a seasoned Adventurer, whats your secret?』

『Nah, theres no secret. I guess its cause I watched a lot of Clear videos?』

『I see! You observed the actions of your predecessors and put them to good use in your own Clears. Is there a party that you particularly referenced?』

『Sure is. The coolest party in the world.』

Altreeds party, Im sure.

『Oho…! Could you please tell us?』

『Still dont get it?』

The pressure emanating from his smile made the hosts face twitch for a second.

『A-apologies. I-its the Aerial party, right?』

『Ahaha. Uncle A-…that mans party is strong. But they arent my ideal.』

『Ideal… Oh thats right, you have said that you wont use Spirit Magic, right, Sir Wraith? What is the reason?』

『Its not like Im against it. Its just that Im not someone who thinks that I have to have it. Look at what happened earlier. If I could only use water Spirit Magic, then I wouldnt have been able to use Wind Magic.』

『Certainly, spirit contractors have a disadvantage when it comes to the breadth of elements that they can use. Since they are tied to one element. However, people commonly think that the blessing you get from Spirit Magic is so huge that it turns that disadvantage into an advantage.』

『Like I said, Im not against it. Im just not using it in order to get rid of the idea that a Hero without a Spirit is no Hero at all.』

『I see. You have a strong determination at such a young age. It was truly splendid how the Scathach party was able to keep the casualties to just one person with the help of your support.』

The topic shifted to the Scathach party about said circumstances.

Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned to face the woman sitting across me.

It was Milla.

Shes been acting a little odd, recently. I think it started sometime after the first stratum Clear.

I find her absorbed in her own thoughts a lot.

She usually wakes up before I do and makes sure shes perfectly groomed before she crawls into bed, but lately, shes been dozing off and she has some bed hair.

She usually never makes mistakes while cooking, but shes been burning food, putting too much seasoning, or even putting no seasoning at all, instead. Its worrying that she seems to have not noticed any of that and just eats it.

Also, her slightly extreme physical contact has been happening less and less.

While this may be good for my poor heart, I cant leave her alone when she is so clearly troubled about something.




「Huh? Oh, yes. Whatever is it, Lem? Are you proposing to me? The answer is yes.」

Even her heart-stopping jokes lack a certain punch…

Saying a line at the perfect timing with exceptional destructive force. Thats the Milla I know.

「That plate…looks pretty empty.」

Milla has been stabbing her fork repeatedly into an empty salad plate.

「Huh? O-oh my, so it is. Ufufu, I must have been in a daze.」

「Thats been happening a lot lately.」

「Im happy that youre worried about me. But it is no big deal.」


Im more or less aware of it, but Im probably afraid of personal relationships.

Now that I think about it, I think it started when my Job was identified, and everyone who I thought was my friend, left me.

Only Fenix remained a friend and then I was blessed with my master.

I had excellent allies and there were even veterans like Aerial and Hervor who did not discriminate against Black Sorcerers.

However, this is fundamentally a frowned upon and undesired Job.

Even among my allies.

I believe my life turned around after separating from the Fenix party.

I got to meet Blitz and Cashew from the fruit stall and was able to get a job in the Demon King Castle thanks to Milla.

But it hasnt even been a year since then.

The ten long years since my Job was identified is more than long enough to gnaw at someones heart.

A customer of the fruit stall, a fellow colleague at the Demon King Castle, sometimes a fellow Adventurer when talking with Adventurers.

Ive always kept an adequate distance when dealing with people.

But when it comes to personal relationships, it becomes much more difficult.

It takes a lot of enthusiasm on my part for this mere Lem to get i

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