125 – A Toast with Friends, The Traces of his Hero

「I wonder. Even so, it was my own circumstances that caused me to rush」

If only we could get to 1st rank, then all the voices criticizing Fenix for letting a Black Sorcerer in the party will cease.

This guy didnt put me in the party just because were best friends.

We were both equals who aimed to stand at the top, so its a misunderstanding that Fenix invited me into the party or whatever.

I wanted to prove that.

「…At any rate, I almost lost my relationship with you without being able to return the favor.」

「You did return the favor. That thing with Berith was more than enough.」

With her guidance, Beriths movements became even more like an Insect-Human.

「…That is insufficient. Even if it was, not much time has passed since then and yet here I am now creating another debt.」

「Debt? Are you perhaps talking about your current request?」

Lily nodded.

I smiled cheerfully.

「A Hunter as strong as you will be of great help to the defense. Im grateful, theres no reason for me to demand gratitude. Im not that greedy, yknow?」

Lily opened her eyes wide, Fenix smiled slightly.

「Or what? Are you requesting me to let you participate through our connection as friends despite not knowing if youll be useful? If that were the case, then you would owe me one.」

When I said that, she finally loosened her lips.

「…No. Not at all, Lem. I will definitely be of use to you. If you give me the opportunity, I shall bring you victory.」

「Nice. Well then, to a fair and equal trade.」

We make a toast.

I held out my wooden jug towards her and she modestly taps my jug with hers.

And with that, I once again attained a reliable ally, even if its only for the Raid Battle.

「…Hey, why are you so chipper anyway?」

I glare at Fenix.

「Im just happy that Lem is getting recognized.」

「Youre creeping me out, man.」

「Lem, thats going too far. While it is true that Fenixs fellowship towards you is…excessive, and Ive honestly been worried about it for quite some time but… Anyway, friendship is a hard-earned treasure. We misunderstood it, but so long as it doesnt disrupt calm thinking, we should respect it.」

Ah, so everyone did think that Fenix let an incompetent person in the party because he is his best friend.

If that assumption is gone, then there is nothing wrong with his feelings towards a childhood friend.

「Also, there is something that even I understand. Lem, arent you in a good mood whenever you hear good rumors about Fenix?」

「…Uhm, Lily? Its not like that, right?」

I dont get into a bad mood, though.

「Even someone who is as good at reading people as you cant read yourself, I see.」

「No, but really…」

Just as I was thinking about how I should explain it, I noticed that she was giggling.

…Looks like she was teasing me.

「So even Lily laughs at that.」

「My apologies. You dont waver in the midst of a battle or even during the previous discussion, but when it comes to Fenix, youre at a loss for words, so its a little…」


Its complicated.

Were childhood friends. I was once like his older brother, chasing away all the kids who bullied Fenix.

But when I turned ten and confirmed my Job, the world turned upside down.

Come and read on o

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