171 – The Tenth Stratum – The Realm of Demons and The Awakened Interceptors 4 Part 2

Because we are all working towards the same goal. We will not let anyone reach where her Highness resides.

Believing that that goal can be achieved with my guidance, the Birdmen nobly sacrifice their body and wings.

「I would like to at least, finally, make you use one of your Black Magic spells.」

「If there is a need for it, I will.」

The last Birdman lowers his altitude, who is the male one carrying me and had one of his wings torn apart. He begins his descent.

「My apologies, Lord Chief of Staff.」

After saying that, he threw me with the last of his strength. Immediately after, his body was torn in two.

「No, you have done well… To me.」

Aerial, who is chasing after me as I fall, dodged out of the way.

From beneath the surface of the sea came a spear-like, or arrow-like, or perhaps even a beam of light-like attack.

「I thank you for the invitation, Lord Lemegeton.」

I land on the water column that she created.


「So what is the situation?」

「Forneuss summoning is incomplete. I have not yet summoned Caim.」

「Ufufu, understood. On my honor as the Ruler of the Waters Vepar, I will buy you some time.」

「Ill leave it to you.」

At that moment, the Water Hero Wraith joins the fray.

「Whoa, ocean. And Uncle Air is…still here, good.」

Vepars Water Magic is on par with a high-ranking Lesser Spirit wielder.

In addition to her ability to generate large waves, she has also developed the ability to blow apart targets by shooting highly pressurized streams of water.

It is a spell called Water Blade that has very few users.

This is what Aerial dodged earlier.

Its powerful enough to make him choose not to take a direct hit, even if he is enveloping himself in an armor of air.

「We meet again, boy.」

「Indeed we do, Mermaid lady. Im happy to see you again, too bad Im gonna have to defeat you again, too.」

She attacks both Wraith and Aerial.

They deftly avoid the octopus tentacle-like streams of water coming from the surface of the water.

「Bring out the fleet.」

Vepar is in possession of a Magic Tool. A Magic Tool that can summon an armed fleet of ships from a faraway place.

A pirate ship floats up to the waters surface. Several of them. They are called pirate ships because of the image that the crew onboard portrays.

Along with the ship came Fish men, one after another, clambering onto the ship.

They wore feathered hats, raggedy and dowdy coats and trousers, and were equipped with curved swords.

Some of them are even wearing eyepatches.

Painted on the sails is the symbol of the Demon King Army, black horns, probably her Highnesss horns.

The water column I was standing on changed its shape and carried me to the deck of the ship.

I got on the ship and the column dispersed.

One of the Fish men came across me and called out in a happy voice.

「Ahoy, Admiral.」

「You guys did well holding out against Aerials attack.」

Referring to when Aerial split the sea.

「Blimey, I nearly soiled me trousers when that happened! But we pirates aint gonna die at sea that easily.」

To them, Vepar is their captain, and the person that she obeys is me, which makes me their admiral.

Monsters are meant to play the bad guys, the side that instills fear. Its no wonder they act like pirates.

There were a series of roaring explosive sounds ringing out. They had immediately started firing their cannons.

This would be a considerable threat to people who have no choice but to walk on the sand pathway, but those two Heroes can fly.

However, they are also being aimed at by the Water Blade. The number of attacks that they should be concerned about must have increased.

Thanks to that, they managed to buy me some time.

To me, Caim.

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