161 – The Eighth Stratum – The Realm of Military Might and Duels 4

No words are spoken between the two people facing each other. There is no need for that.

There was only the sound of wind.

The raging storm was drawn to the holy sword and coiled around it, eagerly waiting for the moment it would be released.


Furcus white skin was tinged with scarlet and a bump-like structure rose from her forehead.

It had a close resemblance to the appearance of the Ogres heard of in the legends.

Furcus ran through the rain of wind blades released by Aerial.

She would find a narrow opening and leap into it, and if she couldnt avoid it, she would choose the route that would cause the least damage. It was an artful sprint derived from her vast amount of combat experience.

Seeing such movements from his opponent, The Storm Hero smiled happily.

The distance between them shortened at an astonishing speed, the two of them approached each other at such a high speed that everyone thought that they might crash into each other.

Aerial was ready to attack her and showed a stance with his weapon facing the sky.

Furcus still didnt stop.

Just as she was about to step within the range of the sword, she…stumbled.

No… She kicked up the floor.

The impact caused the floor to turn over upwards. The size of it was like a wall.

Suddenly, there was a wall between them.

Aerial didnt move.

「…Its such a shame.」

No words are needed for this battle.

So that sentence was meant for the fact that they were unable to compete earlier.

Aerial turned the tip of the holy sword to the right from his point of view.

A man-made catastrophe assailed that direction.

A storm that would normally be directed by the heavens is now being manifested by a human.

This is one of the Spirit Magic that Aerial is allowed to use since he is the Contractor of the main body of the Wind Spirit. The restriction of its range of effect was something that he placed on himself.

A tyrannical wind blew through the line from the tip of the sword to the wall. The floor was destroyed and the only thing left is dust.

Furcus left foot was no exception.

She passed by Aerial and was heading towards Hamill.

Furcus, who had lost one of her legs, leapt with her remaining right leg.

She accelerated by stepping on the floor so hard that her footprints were etched on it.

Hamill, who is located right where she was heading towards, attacked her with his Flying Slashes and Aerial follows up with a Wind Blade.

Furcus sprinted with both hands on the floor, just like a beast. She also avoided the oncoming attacks.

And thats not all.

「No way, what exactly is that movement…」

I cant feel any impatience from Hamills appearance, although hes pinching his cheeks.

Furcus held the wreckage of the spear in her mouth, then with the same momentum, she rotated her body in that position. In the middle of that process, she picked up another wreckage and threw it at Hamill. Hamill tried to deflect that sky-rending javelin with his Flying Slashes but…


He wasnt able to achieve his objective.

His skill is top-notch. He never misses his target.

If he ever missed his target, its either because his opponent is also top-notch, or because the target changes their movements after recognizing the attack, as was the case with Sitri.

In Sitris case, she avoided the blow to her neck by changing her form from Lemegeton to her Dream Demon form.

But what Furcus threw was a spear. She cant deceive a top-notch warrior just with that.

So yes, it was Furcus who did it.

She used the second throw to hit and change the trajectory of the first spear.

And with the third throw, she adjusted the trajectory again.

This was done in an instant.

「Haha, this is quite the-」

Hamill must have noticed. Even if he already knew it, he should have strongly re-recognized it.

Furcus is not just an excellent armor manipulator, she is not strong just because she is an Ogre.

She has extraordinary strength, a sturdy body, and delicate techniques.

That is the current Reaper Knight Furcus.

At the very last moment, Hamill deflected the spear fragment.

However, his counterattack towards Furcus, who had caught up with the spear she threw, was also delayed by that amount of time.

Furcus hand was blurred. Actually, it was because her hand was so fast that it looked that way, she had actually hit Hamills arm with the back of her hand.

This had easily shattered his bone and his arm was bent towards its joint,  a result created by the violence.

Naturally, he can no longer hold the magic sword.

Furcus caught the magic sword as it fell.

…I guess that means that what a disciple can do, the master can do as well…

I might be thinking too much.

However, I did snatch the Magic Tool from the Warrior Alba from the Fenix party during the battle in the tenth Stratum and from Furcus in the Tag Tournament.

「Wow, this is embarrassing.」

He kicked Furcus in the chin with his knee immediately after his arm was broken, but she was unfazed.

Then Hamills leg was also broken, but he was able to avoid getting defeated.

Thats because he was turned into a living shield by Furcus who is grabbing him by the neck.

Aerial stopped attacking.

At Furcus current speed along with the increased weight, it should be possible for him to cut her.

However, that would be like killing his own comrade along with the Monster.

Moreover, its not like the enemy is manipulating his comrade, like that time with the Samurai Masamune.

For those who are standing on the justice side in the setting, it is an act that they would hesitate to do, and the decrease in the number of people in the Raid Battle will affect the subsequent clear. As a method of clearing one of the Stratums, the decision to desert one of their comrades is a heavy one.

Furcus fired off Fflying Slashes in all directions.

Louie and Fran, who somehow have managed to avoid defeat, were rescued by Wraith.

The Gale Hero Ewan is still caught in the left hand of Furcus armor. It seems that he is being restrained by a very strong force.

And the one trying to help him is the Thunderclap Hero Scathach.

The Faceless Archer Suuri and the Thousand Form Summoner Margret are fighting with the Dragonkins. There was only one left and his eye had been pierced by Suuris arrow.

The wreckage of the spear is burning due to the breath of the Dragonkin. Smoke is coming out of it and the visibility is poor. 

There is no way for Hamill to kill himself now. His arms and legs are broken.

The Withdraw feature is designed in such a way that it cannot be used if the distance to the opponent is too close. One of the reasons for this rule is because in the past, there were many Adventurers who wanted to avoid taking damage since it would make them look uncool, so they would Withdraw right before they were attacked by the Monsters.

Nowadays, it is used only when an Adventurer is caught in a trap that wont cause him to die, but he also cannot escape from it.

「You also cant hold out much longer, can you? Even if you managed to defeat me, then whats next? How will you fight with one leg, no weapons, and no subordinates?」

Furcus didnt respond to Hamills words.

Slowly, the members who are available approached Furcus.

But because of the Flying Slashes, things dont seem to be going as planned.

At that moment, when all of their attention was on her, except for Scathach and Ewan,

She moved.

To be more precise, she and…her armor started to move.


All of the Adventurers are surprised.

The armor that had no one in there began to move, so it is natural for them to be surprised.

There was no one else inside the armor.

When I saw the screen, I was as surprised as the Adventurers, but I was also trying to comprehend the situation.


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